Our Personal Computer Training Approach

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Personal Computer Training for seniors and all ages – Flexible Computer Training Courses  – Basic Computer Training to Advanced Computer Training in your own home.


Traditional computer training at TAFE or night school is often complex in its structure, inflexible in terms of schedule and content and daunting for inexperienced users who might be afraid to ask questions.

Enjoy IT Solutions compensates for these traditional shortfalls by:

  • Providing personalised computer training for all ages, customised to your exact requirements.

  • Creating a flexible schedule for your own personal computer training at times convenient to you.

  • Providing personal computer training using your own PC or Apple Mac, in the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy IT Solutions personalised computer training for all ages is made to be enjoyable – it will produce beneficial results for you very quickly and allow you to learn the computer at your own pace.

The Enjoy IT Solutions Personal Computer Training Approachimages

Enjoy IT Solutions will produce exceptional results whatever your standard, very quickly and will allow you to learn what you want at your own pace with the emphasis on fun.  Enjoy IT Solutions employs the following approach:

  • An initial informal chat over the phone to understand your exact training needs, availability and existing (if any) level of knowledge.

  • A computer training lesson answering any questions you may have and learning computer technology that is pertinent to you.  It could be how to set up a computer? How to use Email? How to use the Internet?  How to use an iPhone, iPad or tablet? How to download computer Apps?  It may be how to install a printer? How to download computer updates?  How to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Excel or  even how to clean up your computer that is running slowly.  Whatever computer training you decide you need – the choice is yours.

  • Detailed training for more advanced users requiring a greater level of understanding in specific areas.

  • Continual assessment of progress to ensure that the individual’s objectives and requirements are being met.

  • During each computer training class Enjoy IT Solutions personal computer trainer catalogues and indexes your personal computer training documentation. This way you have a permanent record and guide to help you with the computer skills you have mastered in each lesson and for later reference.

Contact the Enjoy IT Solutions Computer Training Team

For a friendly chat about your own personal computer training needs, please contact Enjoy IT Solutions on Tel: 0429 011103 or Email: Support@enjoyitsolutions.com or contact our team via the Enjoy IT Solutions contact page.



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