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Enjoy IT Solutions has a 100 percent success rate of supporting its clients.  As well as providing personal computer training for the very young through to seniors; and from beginners to advanced users. We also provide training to meet your unique needs. For example, we have helped our clients select and purchase new computers, set up iPads, PCs and Mac computers, connect them to printers, install Anti virus and system software and hardware updates. Whatever your personal training needs we can help.  We have even helped our clients master their digital cameras and mobile phones.

Our personal computer training is done in your own home at times that are convenient to you.  Over the last 13 years our computer training for Seniors (and all ages) has grown successfully and only by word of mouth – something we are very proud of.

Here is what some of our clients have had to say about Enjoy IT Solutions:“…. Nicola explained that she would come to my home, teach me on my own computer and customise the tuition to what I wanted to learn – not a lot of irrelevant things I would never use.  I am now emailing everybody and keeping in regimages-3ular contact with friends here and overseas.  I am now able to help my children with any school projects they have using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint and best of all able to “surf the Net”!

… She has a wonderful way of being able to get what can be a complex subject across very well.  It always felt a bit like having a friend drop in for a coffee and a bit more fun on the computer. It is also great to know that as my requirements change and I need to progress with my knowledge and skills – she is only a phone call and a lesson away!”

Debbie –  Chatswood, NSW


iMac-500-x-433“…. Thank you so much Nicola for your constant cheerful demeanour. You have enabled me, through your computer teaching, to go from being a total technophobe, knowing nothing about computers to being quite skilled on computers in most areas … AND YOU MADE IT FUN.

 It was your lovely positive “can do” attitude which became infectious.   I truly don’t know how you have the patience to explain things over and over again especially things which I know are quite simple to you.

I had to learn to word process using Microsoft Word, as I am writing a book, there was not really much choice.  Publishers don’t really want to see things banged out on a clunky old typewriter, but what started out as essential computer learning soon became something which I was so interested in.  I looked forward to our weekly computer lessons and have now mastered my Macbook Air and my iPhone.  Nicola is efficient, friendly and professional in everything she does.”

 Elizabeth – Mosman, NSW

Unknown…. I first asked Nicola to teach me how to use a computer in 2002.

As someone in their 70s I had previously found using a computer a daunting task.  Thanks to Nicola’s experience,  patience and cheerful disposition I gained the knowledge and confidence to use Email, “surf the net”, download my digital photos onto my computer, use Microsoft Word and other computer applications.

Nicola’s notes are an excellent reference guide and extremely clear and easy to understand.

Over the years, Nicola has also been of great assistance in helping me to master the myriad of other technologies that now fills our lives.  I have progressed from using my PC to enjoying my new  iPhone and iPad.

I have recommended Nicola to many of my friends and have received many thanks for doing so.

Dawn –  North Turramurra

Contact the Enjoy IT Solutions Computer Training Team

For a friendly chat for your own personal computer training needs, please contact Enjoy IT Solutions on Tel: 0429 011103 or Email: Support@enjoyitsolutions.com or contact our team via the Enjoy IT Solutions contact page.


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